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Live Like a Dog Services

Learn more about our work and how we are making the world a better place by learning to Live Like a Dog!

Promoting Animal Welfare in Schools 


Live Like a Dog PAWS (Promoting Animal Welfare in Schools) is an educational program for children of all ages that encourages compassion for all living creatures.


PAWS teaches children through educational books and hands-on learning activities how to become ambassadors for responsible pet ownership.   This program also promotes kindness to all living creatures including people.


PAWS develops and strengthens the human-animal bond which is a source of comfort for many children who have difficulties at home or at school. 

All young children need support and guidance to have healthy relationships within their immediate families and with their friends.   This also includes relationships with their pets.   

For many kids, their pets are their best friends and for some, their pets might provide the only stable relationship and unconditional love they experience while they are growing up.     Strengthening this bond will enhance their self confidence,  teach them responsibility while encouraging them to have compassion and respect for themselves and all living creatures.    PAWS provides will provide them with the helpful tools they need to lead happy lives despite the many challenges that we all face.   


It is our belief that every child desires to provide their pets with the same quality of care they deserve and want for themselves.  All children want a loving, healthy and safe environment to grow up in.   Helping children be a part of

their own pets care or giving back to the community to help unwanted pets teaches responsibility and accountability in all aspects of life.  


PAWS is geared toward children K-3 but can be modified to engage children of all ages including high school kids.  


We look forward to partnering with your organization to provide your children with a program that will have a lasting impression on them for years to come.    


The Live Like a Dog  PAWS program is part of a for profit company which has children’s books available for sale and educational material for the classroom.   


Through generous relationships with various non-profit groups, classroom materials and resources are provided for families that qualify at no-charge.   


Tracy Voss

Live Like a Dog Owner

Paws Progam

Launching in 2023 
Schedule a Classroom Visit With Edward

Contact us so we can setup a time and date to meet with Edward and his fabulous toes! 


What is Oliver's House?

Oliver's House is a place of refuge for abused, neglected and abandoned dogs that come from the streets and from high intake shelters in the San Antonio area and near the border of Mexico.  
Oliver's House has a full spay/neuter clinic inside and is an in-between kennel/home atmosphere to prepare the dogs for their forever homes.

Oliver's House is the home of the non-profit TracysPawsRescue which was founded by Tracy in 2020.  Click here to learn more information and how you can help:

Olivers House
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