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Tracy's Paws earned $775.17 in 2022
2023 YTD:  $280.77

Children's Books

Crusty And His Red Sweater


In all my years in rescue, this was the hardest dog I ever adopted out.   It's written for ages K-3 but everyone will enjoy 

Crusty And His Red Sweater.   Your children will learn something educational and get to see before and after pictures of him and his new life.  They will laugh, smile, and look forward to the next rescue book.   A real life plushie of Crusty is in the works as well!   You won't be disappointed with this heartwarming story about Crusty! 

Crusty and His Red Sweater is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books and multiple other distribution channels in multiple countries.  There is also a Spanish edition available in hard or soft cover.  


Crusty Cover 2.JPG

Crusty Y Su Suéter Rojo

En todos mis años estado involucrada con animales de rescate, esta fue una de las scotas más dificiles que eh tenido que adoptar por en el estado que estaba. El ro está escrito para niños de Kinder tercer grado, pero todos disfrutaran la storia de CRUSTY y su suéter rojo. Los niños y niñas aprenderán algo lucacional y podrán ver fotos del antes y del después de él y su nueva vida. Elles : reirán, sonrieran, y esperaran con ansias el siguiente libro de rescate. |Hasta un erro de peluche de Crusty vendrá muy pronto también| |No quedaran ecepcionados con esta tierna historia sobre Crusty!


Crusty y su suéter rojo está disponible en Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books y múltiples vías de compra en múltiples países. También hay una edición en español con la portada dura o portada suave.



Crusty y su suéter rojo, cover.jpg

Historias Inspiradoras Sobre Un Perrito Rescatado

DIXIE Has The Ickies


This book is about a family of dogs that were rescued from underneath a porch at a tire shop.   They were rescued by my dear friend Dr. Elizabeth Bowman.  One of the puppies was adopted out to a family with a young child that needed Dixie's love and companionship due to illness.   Your child can read about Dixie's life before she was rescued and adopted by the Lotito family. They can feel the love she has to give to a special little girl named Adalyn and how all dogs deserve to be loved and taken care of.   They will learn something about proper Veterinary care as well.   I am confident they will love this book so much they will anxiously wait for the sequel, Me and My Dog and see just how special the human animal bond is.  


Dixie Has The ICKIES, cover 5.JPG

Pobrecita Dixie

Spanish intro coming soon....


Pobrecita Dixie, cover.jpg

Meet Edward 

PAWS Promoting Animal Welfare in Schools 

Meet Edward is the introductory book of the PAWS program. 

It is a story of a real life rescue dog that didn't allow

physical differences keep him from making friends.  

PAWS teaches children through educational books and hands 

on learning activities how to become ambassadors for 

responsible pet ownership and kindness to all living creatures including people.  

The Live Like a Dog PAWS program develops and strengthens

the human animal bond which can be a source of comfort for 

children who have difficulties at home or school.  

Children of all ages will love this heart-warming program and story about Edward and his journey in life. 


Edward cover.jpg

Hola Edward! 

Spanish intro coming! 

My Dog and Me

Hola, Edward cover.jpg

PAWS Promoting Animal Welfare in Schools

There are lots of people who have dogs as best friends. And today, Adalyn, Miguel, and Letty met each other and became best friends too. It was a magical day... My Dog and Me shares their stories and makes the case for the importance of the human-animal bond in the lives of children who may need a friend and people with special needs.

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