About Us

Live Like a Dog is a brand of educational material designed to teach children about kindness to animals.    We have children's books, hands-on educational activities through our PAWS program, fun merchandise including t-shirts, real-life character plushies and we have a preferred line of our favorite pet products.

Launching in 4th qtr 2022, we will offer free reading time with Miss Taylor.  Taylor is a 4th-grade teacher with a love and a gift for engaging children. 

PAWS (Promoting Animal Welfare in Schools) will also launch in fourth quarter of 2022.  Soon, you will be able to schedule a visit with one of our volunteers to meet with your organization to present the PAWS program to your children.  This program consists of three sessions with the last visit providing the students with their Certification as Ambassadors for Kindness to Animals.    We guarantee they will learn something, have fun and remember the program for a lifetime.

PAWS is geared towards grades K-3 but can be modified for any age group including teens.  Please click blow to get in touch with us about getting on our schedule for a visit.    Most establishments qualify for free speaking engagements! Remember, education is power and together, we can break the cycle of animal overpopulation, abuse and neglect.

PAWS to the rescue!